Assassin’s Creed 3 PC will support DX11, dedicated team working on it, on track for October release

Ubisoft’s creative lead, Alex Hutchinson, has revealed in this year’s Comic-Con that the PC version of Assassin’s Creed 3 will support DX11. Hutchinson said that a dedicated team is working on the PC version and that the game will take advantage of many DX11 features. Hutchinson did not reveal what those features could actually be, but we expect to see tessellation support as this is the highlight of DX11.
Hutchinson also said as Ubisoft’s development team, they can’t do anything about the DRM-thing. This is entirely up to the publisher which is… Ubisoft. Seems ironic that Hutchinson could not give us a straight yes or no about the DRM system of Assassin’s Creed 3 but we expect to see the return of Ubisoft’s controversial online DRM.
Regarding the game’s delay, we were initially confused by Hutchinson’s answer on a question about the PC release date. After a video recap, we can safely say that Hutchinson and Ubisoft’s development team intend to finish the PC version at the same time with the console ones.
When a fan asked whether PC gamers would be able to play the game before Christmas, Hutchinson said that everything is going out at basically the same time. This is a catchy one as Hutchinson used the ‘basically’ word, which could then be used by Ubisoft to justify the one month delay. For now though, let’s give Ubisoft the benefit of doubt and take their word for an October release.