Ashen Rift: A man and his dog – New first person survival horror – gets a Kickstarter campaign

Barry Collins has informed us about the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming first person survival horror title that will be powered by Unity 3D, Ashen Rift: A man and his dog. Ashen Rift is a game for PC, Mac and Linux that places you and your canine companion Bounder in a barely recognizable Earth which has been twisted and drained of almost all life.

“Together you seek to stop the remaining life from hemorrhaging Earth by disabling the “Rift” rumoured to be the cause. “

According to Collins, there will be many paths and methods to get to the Rift alive.

“The strength of Ashen Rifts design does not come from blasting bad guys with bullets for hours on end. It comes from the player’s ability to play the game the way their personality dictates. Some people may be averse to combat situations and thus spend the majority of the game avoiding conflict. Others may just feel that the only way to progress is to kill everything in sight, and that is for them to decide and then figure out how to act on those impulses.”

Sounds definitely interesting. Collins aims to raise $45K in the next 32 days with which he hopes to pay for a Unity3D licence and outsource some aspects of development (Music, SFX, Voice overs, Coding and Art help etc).

Here are the key features of Ashen Rift: A man and his dog:

  • AAA First Person Shooter Gameplay.
  • Multi Platform release – PC – Mac and Linux.
  • Companion Dog and Interaction system.
  • Heavily Destructible Terrain and Environment.
  • Melee and Ranged combat.
  • Use almost anything in the world as a potential tool or weapon.
  • Inventory for carrying extra ammo, weapons and found objects.
  • Multiple Paths and countless ways to traverse each.
  • 3 to 5 hours of game time.
  • Complex and reactive Enemy AI behaviour.