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Arkane Studios claims that the PC launch of Prey won’t be plagued by performance issues

As you may already know, Dishonored 2 won our “least most optimized PC game of 2016” award. Powered by the Void Engine, Dishonored 2 performs horribly on the PC platform. Naturally, PC gamers got a bit worried about the next game that Arkane Studios is currently working on, Prey. However, Creative Director Raphael Colantonio claimed that Prey won’t suffer similar performance issues on the PC.

As Colantonio said in an interview with GameInformer:

“We’ve had a rough launch on the PC with Dishonored 2. In development, you never exactly know what you’re going to see, especially on the PC with so many configurations and stuff. Unfortunately it is what it is – it shipped, then it got patched and now it runs really well. Of course, we are paying double attention to make sure that this time the PC version is really flawless when we ship.”

When asked how Arkane Studios will make sure that the PC version won’t suffer from performance issues, Colantonio added:

“A bit more Q&A time, also it’s a different engine so the constraints are different. In the case of Dishonored 2 we created a new engine really, even though it’s based on idTech most of it has been redone. The risk is not the same. In the case of Prey we’re using CryEngine and it’s an engine that’s already shipped stuff before. So it’s not the same configuration. But nevertheless we are aware of the problem; we were already but it got us by surprise. This time we’ll be paying more attention for sure.”

Prey is coming to the PC in 2017!

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