Anno 2205 Is Now Available

Ubisoft today announced that Anno 2205, the sixth installment in the strategy city-building series, is now available on PC. Developed by Blue Byte, a Ubisoft studio, Anno 2205 marks the first time the franchise is extending its reach to the moon and venturing into outer space.

In Anno 2205, players will develop futuristic cities on Earth that are capable of launching missions to the moon as they race to establish production colonies on the lunar surface.

“By colonizing the moon and Arctic regions and mining the resources to send back down to Earth, the cities will flourish from the technological advancements and transform into thriving metropolises. The game also uses a revolutionary session mode that lets players control several sessions on Earth’s temperate and Arctic regions, and on the moon simultaneously, connecting multiple regions across different gameplay sessions.”

As the press release reads, the new Anno 2205 Engine advances city-building so players can build cities reaching one million inhabitants on islands five times the size of those in previous Anno games. A high level of graphical details immerse players in the thriving cities with flying cars, churning factories, bustling stadiums, transit stations, and grinding mines.

Burkhard Ratheiser, Executive Producer on Anno 2205, said:

“We are very proud to finally let Anno fans and newcomers enjoy the next evolution in the Anno series. After more than three years in development, Anno 2205 not only reaches for the stars but is also the biggest Anno ever created.”


Anno 2205 - Launch Trailer [EUROPE]