And another one bites the dust: NFS: The Run is locked at 30fps

I seriously don’t understand developers these days. After Rockstar’s adventure game, here comes another one that is locked at 30fps. And get this right; this is a racing game. Yeap, Electronic Arts’ and Black Box’s highly anticipated Need For Speed: The Run is locked at 30fps. L.A. Noire can get away with this limit as it’s a slow paced adventure game but what were Black Box thinking? This is simply unacceptable.
Before you start criticizing us, let us tell you that you are mistaken if you think that the human eye can’t perceive more than 24fps. This is a myth and nothing more. For example, if the human eye couldn’t perceive more than 24fps, you wouldn’t notice any difference when using a 200Hz TV while watching your favourite movie. That smooth effect is basically due to the addition of more frames to the movie’s scenes. It’s also a myth that 24fps are fine for movies. Yeah, a movie at 24fps seems fine but a movie at 100fps – via interpolation – feels even smoother and more lifelike. And that’s exactly what is happening with games too.
Back on our topic, PCs are powerful enough to handle Frostbite 2.0 and this limitation is Black Box’s fault. After all, Battlefield 3 doesn’t suffer from such issues. Let’s hope that someone will be able to unlock the game’s framerate. Modders to the rescue? Seems so, unless you can enjoy a game that is locked at 30fps.