AMD’s Public Mantle SDK Coming This Year, NVIDIA & Intel Free To Use It

During a presentation by AMD’s Richard Huddy at PDXLAN, the Red team revealed that the public SDK for its lower level API, Mantle, will go live this year. As WCCFTECH reported, both Nvidia and Intel are free to write and release drivers that will enable Mantle on their hardware on all Mantle-enabled games once this public SDK goes live.

The big question now is whether NVIDIA will support it or not. A couple of months ago, NVIDIA claimed that Mantle wasn’t THAT ground breaking – or a necessary API – as DX12 will offer exactly what Mantle does, and even more.

Naturally, most of us would love to see NVIDIA supporting this low-level API, but that won’t happen. AMD claimed that the green team will be free to use Mantle’s SDK, though we are pretty sure that NVIDIA won’t be bothered with it.

Still, we can only hope that NVIDIA will think – at least for once – outside the box. After all, this would benefit its customers, and that would show everyone that the company actually cares about them.

As Richard Huddy claimed, there are currently over 100 game development teams who have signed up for Mantle.

Here is hoping that the green team will surprise everyone!