AMD’s Catalyst Creator hints to RAGE’s upcoming patch; Catalyst 12.1a preview released

Better late than never I guess. AMD’s Catalyst Creator hinted today to RAGE’s upcoming patch that will most probably be released alongside the game’s level editor at the end of this month. This new patch will include a texture sharpening option that was promised by John Carmack some months ago. Well, to be more precise, we assume that this feature will be included but since this is iD Software and Bethesda we are talking about.
Moreover, Andrew D informed us about a new update for Catalyst’s 12.1 preview drivers. This update is¬†for the upcoming patch for Rage and resolves some new texture corruption issues introduced by the latest version of the game, improves performance by 5%,¬†reduces multicore sync points, fixes mapbuffer failures when switching maps on 32-bit systems, as well as when switching maps back and forth on 32 and 64bit systems.
Those interested can download this new update for the Catalyst drivers from here.