AMD logo 2 screenshot

AMD’s Catalyst 14.1 Beta Drivers Will Bring Mantle Support & Frame Pacing Enhancements (chinese website) has leaked some slides from AMD’s upcoming Catalyst 14.1 Beta driver. According to the slides, this new driver is expected to hit the Internet in Q1 2014 and will come with Mantle support, as well as numerous frame pacing enhancements.

Although there is no ETA as of yet, we expect to see this driver popping out soon after – or before – Battlefield 4’s Mantle patch gets rolled out.

AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta will feature 4K and Eyefinity support for non-XDMA hardware, dual graphics support for frame pacing, AMD TrueAudio support, as well as new distribution support for Linux.

Kudos to Guru3D’s member ‘SlackerITGuy‘ for spotting these slides.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!