AMD teases tressfx: “a new frontier of realism in PC gaming”

AMD has posted an interesting image on its blog. According to this image, a new feature will be unveiled on March February 26th. This feature will be called tressfx and is said to be a new frontier of realism in PC gaming. The aforementioned image shows a girl (or more importantly her hair), suggesting that this could very well be AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s PhysX technology. In other words, we’re most probably looking at some new hair/character physics technology.
What’s also interesting is that Tomb Raider is said to support a top-secret DX11 feature that has not been unveiled as of yet. Back in February, we informed you about the PC features that Crystal Dynamics’ title would feature. Could this mean that Lara’s hair will be powered by this new rumored hair technology? One can only guess at this point.
Enjoy the teaser image below and stay tuned for more!