Assetto Corsa – Technology Preview Demo Is Now Available

Assetto Corsa
PC sim racing fans, get ready for a treat. KUNOS Simulazioni has released a technology preview demo for its upcoming racer, Assetto Corsa. According to the developers, this is a playable, no-time limited benchmark that allow gamers to get their first taste of Assetto Corsa engine. This version includes one car, one track, different difficulty levels and two play modes: free practice and time attack.
Even though this is a preview demo, it can be activated only by those who have purchased a copy of netKar PRO since 2006. Moreover, all gamers who will purchase a copy of netKar PRO until March 1st will receive the link to download the AC Tech Preview for free: until March, 1, they will be able to buy a copy of netKar PRO for just 4,99 Euro, saving 70% of the full price.
This tech demo can be downloaded from here, and you can find below the PC system specs for it.
Assetto Corsa Tech Preview Demo Minimum Requirements:
-Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Operative System
-CPU: Intel Celeron
-RAM: 2 Gigabytes
-DirectX 11 graphics card (ex: Nvidia GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770) NOTE: AC graphics engine supports also DirectX 10.1 compatible graphic cards (ATI 4800 HD / Nvidia 8600 GT)