AMD Posts Infographic, Comparing NVIDIA’s G-Sync With Its Very Own Free-Sync

AMD has shared an infographic, comparing its very own Free-Synch tech with NVIDIA’s G-Sync. According to the infographic, there is a wider market adoption for Free-Sync, is more cost effective, provides more choices and is supported by more partners than NVIDIA’s G-Synch tech.

AMD claimed that as of September 2015, there are 10 G-Sync monitors and 17 Free-Sync monitors. In addition, AMD claimed that there are five G-Sync partners and seven Free-Sync partners.

AMD also claimed that all Free-Sync monitors provide 2 or more inputs, whereas only 30% of the G-Sync monitors provide such a luxury.

But what is also interesting is the last graph that AMD included in its infograph. While both G-Sync and Free-Sync support DisplayPort and Anti-Ghosting Tech, Free-Synch is the only one that has zero licensing costs, comes with zero performance penalty, and supports open standards and standard display hardware.