AMD GPU owners can now use NVIDIA’s Image Scaling Tech (NIS)

A few days ago, we informed you about the new algorithm for NVIDIA’s Image Scaling tech, NIS. This tech was available to all NVIDIA owners and according to the green team, it produces better results than AMD’s FSR. So, good news everyone as AMD GPU owners can now use NVIDIA’s tech via Lossless Scaling 1.6.

For those unaware, the primary focus of Lossless Scaling is to make a game window borderless and scales it to fullscreen using integer multipliers. As such, the output image maintains its original clarity and integrity. This is ideal for playing emulators. Additionally, players can enable fullscreen anti-aliasing in the app even if the game has no such option.

Its latest version, version 1.6.0, though adds support for NVIDIA Image Scaling. By using Lossless Scaling, everyone can use NVIDIA’s tech. And yes, this includes AMD GPU owners.

The downside here is that Lossless Scaling is not a free program/tool. While it’s not expensive (it’s only $4), we are certain that some AMD users may be put off by its price. After all, most of us want free stuff.

But anyway, those interested can purchase it from Steam.

Have fun!