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NVIDIA DLSS 2.3 SDK and NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK are now available

NVIDIA has announced that the DLSS 2.3 SDK is available to all developers. Moreover, its Image Scaling SDK (NIS) is now open-source and is available to everyone.

According to the green team, more than 130 games and applications now support DLSS. Moreover, numerous games (like Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal) have been updated to the latest 2.3 version which reduces ghosting and improves temporal stability and detail.

As said, the Image Scaling algorithm is also available to everyone as an open-source SDK. NVIDIA Image Scaling (NIS) aims to compete with AMD’s FSR. And, in case you’re wondering, you can already enable NIS via your Control Panel or via GeForce Experience.

Going into more techy stuff, NVIDIA Image Scaling in the Game Ready Driver happens in post (at the kernel level, outside of Windows). NVIDIA will also add a per-game sharpening setting tunable from NVIDIA’s in-game overlay.

Lastly, the SDK will be publicly available on GitHub later today for all developers. You can also find more details about NIS here.

Stay tuned for more!

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