AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Drivers Are Now Available

AMD Project Phoenix
AMD has just released a new beta driver for its graphics cards. According to its changelog, these new drivers come with support for the new AMD A10, A8, A6, and A4 Series APUs on desktop and mobile platforms, and reduce power consumption when running Windows 8 Metro applications.
Naturally, some users are reporting better framerates with these drivers, though we don’t know whether that’s a placebo effect or not.
As always though, it is better to be up to date with the latest drivers.
Those interested can download the Catalyst 13.6 Beta drivers from here.
And here is the changelog for these new drivers:
Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta for Windows:
-Product support for the new AMD A10, A8, A6, and A4 Series APUs on desktop and mobile platforms.
-AMD Enduro technology enhancement:
*Reduces power consumption when running Windows 8 Metro applications – detects when Metro applications have idled and moves them to the integrated graphics component.
*AMD Catalyst Control Center now shows the hardware and software Information pages for AMD discrete GPUs when paired with Intel integrated graphics.
-Includes AMD GPU & AMD APU OpenCL 1.2 acceleration in Adobe Premiere PRO CC.
-Support for AMD Wireless Display for Windows 8 and future Windows releases:
*Supported on AMD Elite A-Series APUs with select Broadcomm and Atheros Wireless adapters.
*AMD Wireless Display Technology provides the ability to wirelessly display local screen content onto a remote screen in real time. Compliant receiver/TV required.
-Resolved issues:
*Resolves HDMI Audio drop-out issues on the AMD Radeon HD Series products.
*Resolves issues with the AMD Catalyst Control Center showing Audio Display messages at incorrect times.