Ubisoft’s Uplay Service Updated To 3.0; Direct Game Activation Implemented

Ubisoft announced that the 3.0 version of its Uplay service has been launched. The new client comes with a new download list, a unified library, smoother launch of all Uplay games and a global interface redesign. In addition, Uplay 3.0 offers PC gamers the ability to select the destination folder for downloads.
What’s more interesting though is that Uplay now sports an easier activation of games, as PC gamers can activate directly their games via Uplay without the need to install them first.
In the previous versions of Uplay, PC gamers had to install the game first and then activate the game. With Uplay, PC gamers can activate the game simply by entering the CD key from the cog icon drop-down menu in the menu bar and download it within the client.
In other words, Uplay now works in the same way that Origin and Steam do.
Naturally, your Uplay client will automatically update upon the next start.
And here is the changelog for Uplay 3.0:
-added ability to redeem uplay codes directly in the client
-custom download folder
-revamped UI
-Steam games and Uplay store will now all display in one place
-download list is more useful and you can keep track in one place now
-smoother game launch/client performance
-download manager is being improved and slated for future update