Titan delayed to 2016 – Blizzard: “we need to make some large design & tech changes to it”

It seems that Blizzard fans will have to wait a couple more years until they can get a taste of the company’s new IP, called Titan. VentureBeat revealed yesterday that the game was to be delayed until 2016. According to VentureBeat’s sources, the team developing Titan has been reduced to 30 (from 100), and the┬ácore of the team will start over on Titan.
Blizzard has released a statement in which it confirms Titan’s delay due to some large design and tech changes it needs to make.
“We’ve always had a highly iterative development process, and the unannounced MMO is no exception. We’ve come to a point where we need to make some large design and technology changes to the game. We’re using this opportunity to shift some of our resources to assist with other projects while the core team adapts our technology and tools to accommodate these new changes. Note that we haven’t announced any dates for the MMO.”
Back in April, we informed you about the first details of Blizzard’s Titan. According to those rumored details, this game would be entering its alpha phase in Q1 2014. Hell, as you may have guessed, that’s not gonna happen.
We also suggested a next-gen console release, something that looks more plausible right now. If Titan gets out in 2016, both XBOne and PS4 will be at their peak. And since Blizzard is already testing consoles with Diablo 3, there is a high chance to see Titan on those consoles.
Unfortunately we don’t have additional information about this project, so there is nothing to further report at this point.