Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine source code is now available on GitHub

Amazon has announced that the source code for its Lumberyard Engine is now available on GitHub. This basically means that developers can now directly access Lumberyard source code from Amazon Game Studio’s GitHub repository and use the platform to manager their code.

Up until now, the only way to get Lumberyard was to install Lumberyard using its standard installer. This would place all of Lumberyard, including the source, on developers’ machine, in a new but separate directory. According to a number of reports, this was a tedious procedure, which is why Amazon decided to give away the game’s source code via GitHub.

Changes and updates to the engine can now be submitted directly to the Lumberyard team, giving developers the opportunity to effect future engine releases.

Lumberyard is still subject to the AWS Customer Agreement and Lumberyard Service Terms, but to make it as easy as possible to use, it’s in a public repo – you don’t need to log in to get it. Those interested can gain access to the source code of the Lumberyard Engine by visiting its GitHub page.