Iron Harvest In-Engine Teaser Trailer Released

Iron Harvest has released a new in-engine trailer for their upcoming real-time strategy game featured in 1920+.

Iron Harvest Teaser Trailer

Iron Harvest is set in the time of the 1920+, an alternate verison of our own world but created by the Polish artist Jakub Ró?alski. Within this alternate world players will be experiencing what it is like for walking machines to live amongst humans as per normal, equipped with powerful weapons these machines will join players in battle.

I have quite a soft spot when it comes to new RTS’s as spent many hours playing through the Age of Empires series as well as Age of Mythology. Sadly, there isn’t as many developers for those types of games any more so it’s awesome seeing a new developer trying to pick up that hype train for a potentially good unique RTS.

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Below I have provided full resolution screen shots of the game.

Source: YouTube , NeoGAF