Aliens, Trolls & Dragons – New Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game From “The Witcher 3” Former Developer

Jakub Kisiel, Senior 3D Animator at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, has funded a new company called Kubold and is currently working on a third-person perspective, action/adventure game with native Oculus Rift support. The title of this game is “Aliens, Trolls & Dragons” and is powered by the Unity Engine.

According to Kisiel, Aliens, Trolls & Dragons will be released as a single player experience on PC and Mac in the form of episodes. The first one is expected to ship this Fall and as its developer noted, the game will be very story-driven. 

It’s essentially a clash between science fiction and fantasy. You will have a chance to test advanced technology and weapons against warriors and monsters living on a planet, that strikingly resembles what we know from fantasy stories

Kisiel released a couple of days ago a 12-minute gameplay video from his game that can be viewed below.

For a one-man team, Aliens, Trolls & Dragons looks quite good.

It remains to be seen now whether its story will be interesting enough or not.


Aliens, Trolls & Dragons - early gameplay video - standard display