Aliens: Colonial Marines To Receive New Update With Improved Visuals & Enhanced Textures

Aliens Colonial Marines
Gearbox revealed that it will be releasing a new update for Aliens: Colonial Marines PC, possibly next week. According to the development team, this update will be quite large in size and will come with better textures, improved visuals, the addition of a mouse smoothing option, as well as all those fixes included in the latest PS3 and X360 patches that were released a couple of days ago.
As Gearbox stated:
“This update contains the changes that were in the recent update for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, along with some additional changes that will be part of future updates for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This update also includes several PC-specific changes, notably: improved texture resolution, various visual improvements, the addition of a mouse smoothing option, and some fixes for PC-only crashes.
As this update is rather large, those players with limited or bandwidth-capped access may want modify their auto-update settings by right-clicking Aliens: Colonial Marines in their Steam Library, choosing Properties and selecting the Updates tab.
Update notes will be posted as they become available.”
That’s good to hear as Aliens: Colonial Marines suffered from a lot of visuals issues. PC gamers could use our SweetFX mod to improve the visuals, however there was nothing that could be done for all those low-res textures.
Still, the game was plagued with an atrocious AI for the aliens, so here is hoping that Gearbox will also tweak/improve this parameter.
We’ll be sure to inform you when this update goes live. Kudos to Guru3D for spotting it!