The Phantom Pain To Be Fully Unveiled At This Year’s GDC, Runs On FOX Engine

The Phantom Pain
A couple of days ago, Geoff Keighley tweeted that he was about to interview the head of Moby Dick Studios, Joakim Mogren. A lot of people got excited, however Joakim (or Kojima as most people believe that’s him) did not reveal anything particular exciting about this new game. However, we at least found out that the game will receive a new trailer at this year’s GDC and that it runs on Konami’s new engine, the FOX engine.
In GTTV’s interview with Mogren, Keighley asked a number of questions, though Joakim was not able to answer any of them. In a funny turn of events, Joakim invited Geoff to view some new artworks and screenshots of The Phantom Pain via his iPad. Yeap, a bit awkward thing to do. Despite that, though, some screenshots featured the FOX engine logo, suggesting that this title will be powered by Konami’s new engine.
Joakim has also unveiled that there will be a new trailer at this year’s GDC that will answer all questions. In other words, both the studio’s CEO (who has covered his face in GTTV’s interview) and the game itself will be revealed, so we are at least looking forward to it.
We should note that a couple of days ago, Kojima tweeted an image, suggesting that he was creating a new video. Can’t be a mere coincidence, right? There are also rumors that Joakim is actually Cliff Bleszinski, that he’s the CEO of Moby Dick Studios and that they are working with Konami on this title together (as Cliff and Kojima are good friends). Sounds plausible, though unlikely in our own opinion.
All answers will be answered later this month, so stay tuned for more!