Aliens: Colonial Marines Can Look Good – SweetFX vs Vanilla

Aliens Colonial Marines
Let’s be honest; we all got disappointed with Aliens: Colonial Marines’ visuals. And to be honest, it was a challenge for us to make this game look good. Naturally, it is still not as good as other triple-A titles due to its engine limitations (or the fact that Gearbox did not take advantage of a lot of graphical effects that Unreal Engine 3 supports).
This SweetFX mod was created in a way to recapture the atmosphere of the older Aliens vs Predator games. Therefore, we upped the shadows, we saturated the game a bit, we added more blue-ish colors to give that space feeling that was lacking, and we increased the sharpening filter in order to get a better image quality. Like with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though, you really need to play Aliens: Colonial Marines modded with the lights off.
The end result comes near to what Aliens fans would expect from an Aliens game, so off we go.
Those interested can download our SweetFX mod from here. If you are not familiar with SweetFX, you’ll have to paste the entire content of the first folder (SweetFX Aliens Colonial Marines) to Aliens Colonial Marines/Binaries/Win32.
As always, the SweetFX shots are on the left and the vanilla shots are on the right.