Alien: Isolation Is Powered By An In-House Engine, Will Support Multiple CPU Cores, Mantle Support Possible

Our dear friends over at PCGamesHardware have conducted an interview with Creative Assembly, in which the development revealed some new details about its upcoming Alien title. According to Creative Assembly, the team is considering AMD’s new API, Mantle, as it looks very interesting and the game will not support Nvidia’s PhysX.

Moreover, Creative Assembly revealed that Alien: Isolation will be powered by an in-house engine. When asked about the game’s engine, Creative Assembly had this to say:

“We created our own engine for Alien: isolation. This allowed us to do focus on making the game as there was no info about next-gen consoles at that time. We knew the quality bar we wanted to achieve, the gameplay features and the visual fidelity. Thus we built an engine that could deliver in those areas.”

This in-house engine will also support multiple CPU cores. As the development team unveiled, that the game will take advantage of multiple cores, meaning that more cores will increase performance, provided you are not GPU limited.

It remains to be seen now whether Creative Assembly is telling the truth or not.

Alien: Isolation is currently planned for an October 7th release.