Alan Wake PC retail is dated for a March 2nd release; Limited Edition detailed

Here is some good news for those wishing to purchase the retail version of Alan Wake PC. According to Nordic Games, the game’s publisher, the retail version of Alan Wake PC will be hitting online and retail stores in March 2nd in Europe. No word yet for the release date of the North American version of the retail but we can asume that it will be around that time.
The Limited Edition that will be available in March 2nd will include the game, alongside its two DLC’s, the game’s OST, Post cards, a Manual, a Poster, a Sticker and a Bonus Disc. Moreover, it will feature a book named ‘Alan Wake Files’ and we should note that the Game Disc for the Limited Edition will contain commentaries from the developer while you play the game, giving you background information about certain aspects of the game and how certain challenges were overcome etc.
In other news, our dear friends at PCGamesHardware have been testing the preview code of Alan Wake PC and managed to capture some new screenshots. And as we can see bellow, Alan Wake PC will feature some interesting graphical settings. On a side note, the preview code does not include the re-worked textures that will be included in the final version so yeah, Alan Wake PC will look even better.