The Darkness 2 – Digital Extremes is looking into a FOV option for the PC version

Dear developers and publishers, start taking notes; Field of View is really important to all PC gamers. Yes, your game might look awesome in consoles and on TV’s, but on a PC monitor, it does not. Part of that is due to the distance between the gamer and the TV/monitor. That distance is reduced when gaming on a PC – that is not hooked up on a HDTV – and a low FOV setting can cause headaches to a lot of your customers. We get it, a small FOV is a clever way to gain more performance from current-generation consoles but there should always be an option for it in the PC version of your games.
We’ve seen a lot of games lately that lack this particular option and we are really puzzled with that, as it’s not THAT hard to implement such an option. And we get it, some developers think that a particular FOV is ideal for their games. Like the one in ‘The Darkness 2’ where 2K Games Community & Interactive Marketing, Elizabeth Tobey, explained that the FOV is locked for a reason and that it made sense to lock it.
Naturally, a lot of gamers opposed to it and started complaining. Things got hectic when Total Biscuit uploaded a video about that very same thing and it seems that Digital Extremes is currently looking into this issue. Guess that video of Total Biscuit paid off after all.
As Elizabeth tweeted some hours ago:
“We are investigating a patch. No promises yet – he said hopefully but we are looking into it.”
So there you have it guys. Digital Extremes is looking into it and if there is higher demand, they’ll surely release a patch to address this issue. So keep spamming 2K Games with that FOV thing if you want to see it fixed in due time!