Alan Wake PC FAQ possibly coming this week; definitely next week

We are all dying to hear more news about the PC version of Alan Wake, right? Well, we might have to wait a little bit longer, as Remedy’s Community Manager, Peter Papadopoulos, revealed that the PC FAQ for Alan Wake will most likely be released this week. As Peter revealed, a meeting will be scheduled with Ozz this week and they’ll try to knock out most of the FAQ. This basically means that the FAQ could be ready either this or next week.
As Peter wrote at Alan Wake’s forum:
“As for the FAQ – we only just got back from holidays this week. We’ve started back working on it but we’ve got so many things on the go it’s quite tough. I’m going to schedule a sit down with Ozz next week and we’ll try knock out most of the FAQ in that time. So expect the FAQ either next week or the week after that.
In case you’ve not been following us, we do know that Alan Wake PC will be a Steamworks title and won’t support GFWL. We also know that there will be an option to completely hide the HUD, there will be a checkpoint saving system, it will support the X360 controller and that it will be a DX9-only title.
Our guess is that the main feature of the FAQ will be the game’s system requirements, so stay tuned for them!