Alan Wake PC Details – Textures will be polished at specific spots, game uses 6991 textures in total

Since the announcement of Alan Wake’s PC version, a lot of gamers have been wondering whether Remedy would be using textures of a higher resolution or not. And at last, we can finally answer to that question. The answer though might not be the one you’ve been hoping to, as Alan Wake PC will feature some polished textures here and there but not a proper HD texture pack. And since Remedy won’t provide gamers with any mod tools, we don’t expect to see any unofficial HD pack from its fans anytime soon.
Now don’t get this wrong. It does not mean that Alan Wake will look awful or dated. It merely means that you won’t get the texture treatment that you’ve been getting in Skyrim from its modders.
According to Remedy’s Markus, the game looks gorgeous in 1080p and will support even higher resolutions, like 2540p. Markus admitted that there were certain spots that needed a bit more polish – with regards to textures – as they had to optimize those textures to fit the memory budget on Xbox360. And you can be sure that those textures will be polished.
Now most of you will be wondering why does Remedy not use the original material, that is meant to be of a higher resolution, right? Well, it seems that the company hasn’t created in higher resolution most, if not all, of the textures what were in the 360 build. This means that they’d have to recreate them and since the game already uses 6991 textures, it would take them a lot of time.
Therefore, here is what Remedy is doing to identify and polish those textures that need a little extra touch:
“Thus it’s manual work – playing the game, checking what textures could be in better resolution, finding the object on screen, open it up in a 3D editor and check the texture. Then check our asset repository whether we have it in higher resolution; export to game, test, rinse and repeat.”
Remedy has also promised some nice surprises in the coming days, so stay tuned for more. Alan Wake PC is slated for release this month!