PC gamers, rejoice; NFS: The Run patch is out and comes with a 30fps unlocker and some special bonus

As we’ve informed you, Black Box was considering removing the idiotic 30fps lock that was present in the PC version of Need For Speed: The Run and that time has finally come. Oh yeah, PC gamers can finally enjoy NFS: The Run with a higher framerate as Black Box and EA have released a patch for the game that unlocks it. And get this; the patch comes with the Signature Edition Booster Pack cars for free to all PC gamers. Hell yeah.
To get the patch simply login to Origin on your PC and it will automatically download / install the patch.
Here is the changelog for NFS: The Run’s update:
– 30 FPS cap is disabled when v-sync is set to OFF in advanced display settings
– Tweaked reset behavior for a number of tracks in The Run where resets seemed too close to the main race route
– When players go off track, they will be reset back onto the track instead of at the last checkpoint.  Crashes will still result in a reset to the last checkpoint.
– Added Quick Match option from multiplayer menu
– Players now have the option to mute VOIP of other players in multiplayer sessions
– Reduced unrealistic behaviors when multiplayer opponents drive off-road or collide with world objects
– Autolog Friends now displays whether a friend is online, joinable or offline in player badge
Signature Edition Booster Pack cars:
– Puppet Chevy El Camino SS
– Fatlace Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
– Venom Nissan 370Z
– Scoundrel Subaru Impreza WRX STi
– Victory BMW M3 Sport Evolution
– Nicolas Mazda RX-7
– Mega Nissan GT-R (R35)
– Falken Porsche 911 GT3
– Conroy Ford GT