2 Dawn Games’ Unreal Engine 3 powered game ‘Ravaged’ has a Kickstarter Campaign; goal is $15K USD

We’ve been following the development of Ravaged for quite a while and we were really excited about it. And like most indie devs these past days, 2 Dawn Games decided to start a Kickstarter campaign for it. At first, I was shocked since we’ve already seen gameplay footage of it and the game is almost finished. And thankfully, the company is simply seeking to finalize marketing and publishing material for Steam, which is fine in our books.
Therefore, the goal of this Kickstarter is relatively small. The team is seeking $15K USD in order to finalize marketing and publishing material for Steam, finish production of the game trailer, set up beta testing equipment, develop more vehicles and weapons and add some finishing touches to gameplay and levels.
Ravaged is a mix between Mad Max and Battlefield, where a group of resistance soldiers fight for humanity while scavengers look to control it all. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3, has a post-apocalyptic world and comes with over 30 vehicles and weapons, and 10 classes to choose from.
Those interested can visit the game’s Kickstarter page and back it up.