Street Fighter x Tekken PC – Preorders next week or so, no DLC on disc, PC Requirements coming soon

Capcom’s Svensson and Yoshinori Ono have released some interesting new information about the upcoming PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken. According to Ono, the PC version will not include the DLC on disc. A lot of fans began wondering the reasons behind that and Capcom’s moderator ‘Deva Ashera’ shared some thoughts about it. According to Deva Ashera, PC gamers are used to downloading large patches, which is what the DLC characters will end up as and that the worry about hard drive space is not as big of deal as on consoles since the game will be mainly distributed via digital stores.
Those are some valid reasons, but in our opinion Capcom avoids including the DLC characters on the discs because PC gamers would – eventually – find a way to unlock them without paying for them. Can’t argue with that, but it would be best if Capcom went ahead and admitted it. But then again, some fans would bash them so we can kind of see why Capcom is playing it safe.
On the other hand, Capcom’s Svensson revealed that the digital pre-orders will be made available in a week or so. STxT PC is currently planned for a May 11th release and the system requirements will be included in the pre-order pages. In other words, PC gamers will have to keep an eye on SFxT’s Steam page. Of course the requirements will be similar to those of SSF4: AE, but you already knew that didn’t you?
Last but not least, Svensson revealed that there will be fewer “discrete” drops of DLC updates on PC:
“Each drop is a new patch/update process for us to go through with the PC version. Sometimes content will be first on console, in a few cases, you may see some bits show up first on PC. The details of this we will make more clear post-launch.”
As a bonus, here is the amazing live-action Street Fighter x Tekken fan film. We’ve featured it and before but it’s so amazing that we really feel the need to share it one more time. Enjoy!
Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within - Short Film