Stray feature

You can now play Stray in first-person mode thanks to this mod

Stray is a new third-person adventure game that came out recently, in which you control a cat. And now, thanks to its modding community, PC gamers can experience this title from a first-person viewpoint.

Created by Jessica Natalia, this mod allows you to play Stray in first-person mod. And while there are a couple of bugs, we highly recommend downloading it.

Stray uses Unreal Engine 4, so we can expect more mods for it. In fact, there is already a mod that brings Garfield to the game. Another mod replaces the user-inputted meowing with a pleading call to find Jason from Heavy Rain.

Our PC Performance Analysis for Stray will go live later today or tomorrow. For those wondering, yes, the game does suffer from shader compilation stutters. And no, these stutters are not related to DX12 as the game uses by default DirectX 11.

Lastly, you can find below a video that showcases this first-person mod in action!

Stray - First Person Mod