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Watch Dogs Legion ScriptHook Mod is now available for download

NOMAD Group has released an officially Ubisoft-approved mod for Watch Dogs Legion, ScriptHook. This is one of the best mods for Watch Dogs Legion and will let you do numerous things to the game.

Via this mod, players can create unique scenes and unlock a free camera (which is ideal for flythroughs). Additionally, they can spawn any vehicle and object they want. Naturally, players can also change the game’s Time of Day and control the game’s dynamic weather system.

Players can also visit story locations, enable noclip so they can go anywhere they want, and teleport anywhere they want. Moreover, they can create custom license plates, control world traffic, and basically create their own experience.

You can download the Watch Dogs Legion ScriptHook Mod from here. You can also find below a trailer showcasing this mod in action.

Have fun!

Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook - Trailer