The Witcher VR Mod

VR Mod available for download for the first The Witcher game

Modder “Patryk Loan” has released a pretty cool early version of his VR Mod for the first The Witcher game. According to the modder, the game’s Prologue Mode is now fully playable in VR.

Going into more details, this is the second version of this VR Mod for The Witcher game. For this version, the modder has remade the gameplay core code from scratch. Moreover, Loan has added a VR Player System and a VR Interaction System. Naturally, the game also has a Battle System, Tutorials and Cutscenes. Additionally, VR players can expect to find Easter Eggs, new Shaders, new Color Correction effects, as well as a bunch of music and 200+ sounds from the original game.

You can download this VR Mod from here.

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Have fun!

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