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TES3MP 0.8.1 allows you to play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in VR

David C. has released a brand new version of TES3MP, allowing PC gamers to experience The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind online with VR support. TES3MP is based on OpenMW and, as its name implies, allows you to play Morrowind in multiplayer.

In case you did not know, TES3MP is the multiplayer branch of OpenMW, and not a mod. This basically means that TES3MP is made from the ground up, and uses none of Morrowind’s original engine code. Additionally, its team can add features that would never be possible or even imaginable in a multiplayer mod.

According to the creator, non-VR players can play together with VR players. However, the hand movements of VR players cannot be seen by other players at this time and they show up as using regular animations.

Players can download the TES3MP 0.8.1 VR client release for Windows from here. David suggests non-VR gamers download this latest version as it includes numerous optional hotfixes.

Have fun!