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This Starfield Mod optimizes a large portion of the vanilla scripts

Modder ‘Yeti’ has released a must-have mod for Starfield that optimizes a large portion of the vanilla scripts. This mod replaces slow functions with faster versions for a possible fps gain, thus we suggest downloading it if you own a low-tier or mid-tier PC system.

As the modder stated, in Starfield (and in all Bethesda games), when a script gets to the front of a queue that’s using a slow function and has to ask another script for information, it gets out of the queue to ask for the info and then goes to the back of the queue. This mod cuts down on how often they have to get back into the queue by having them have the correct info when they get to the front, making queues shorter.

In short, this mod is similar to Vanilla Script (micro)Optimizations by subhuman0100 for Skyrim Special Edition. However, the Starfield Mod is still in an early development stage. Yeti claims that modders just got “access to script compilation and new undocumented features need to be skipped for now.” So, in theory, newer versions may further improve overall performance.

You can download the Vanilla Scripts Optimized Mod for Starfield from here.

Speaking of Starfield, we also suggest taking a look at these other mods for it. Last month, we shared the Disk Cache Enabler Mod which aims to reduce the game’s disk usage. Then we have this mod that solves the game’s elevated black levels/washed-out graphics. You can also use this guide in order to increase your FOV. Let’s also not forget the DLSS 2/XeSS and the DLSS 3 Frame Generation mods.

Sprinting Stuttering Fix is another interesting mod that addresses some stuttering issues that could occur in Starfield while running. We also recommend downloading this HD Texture Pack that improves the quality of all major NPCs. Then we have Halk Hogan PL’s Starfield HD Reworked Project. Alternatively, PC gamers can use another HD Texture Pack, Starfield HD Overhaul. Finally, we have these two must-have mods that overhaul the game’s User Interface and Particle Effects, as well as this mod that allows you to travel in real-time from planet to planet and this mod that introduces a dynamic weather system.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!