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This Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod aims to introduce better ragdoll shot reactions

AnymYo has released a pretty cool mod for Red Dead Redemption 2, called Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework. According to its description, this mod aims to bring back some cineastic and diversified euphoria ragdoll shot reactions.

Going into more details, the mod adds new gunshot reactions, for each weapon type (revolver, pistol, shotgun, bow and so on). Moreover, NPCs will now behave differently depending on each weapon type and hit zone. The modder has also implemented a range of random varieties to certain shot behaviors.

The modder also noted that all modified euphoria tasks are completely rebuilt from the ground up. Furthermore, NPCs will now react longer to shots without collapsing.

This is a cool mod that some RDR2 fans may find interesting, and you can download it from here.

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Have fun!

Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R) 1.0.52 Main for RDR2 (Euphoria Ragdolls RDR2)