Microsoft Flight Simulator new feature

Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch adds beta support for DX12

Microsoft and Asobo have released a brand new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds beta support for the DirectX 12 API. However, and contrary to what you may have seen on YouTube, this update does NOT add any Ray Tracing effects.

As Asobo has stated:

“We have introduced several highly requested features by the community: an updated weather system, early access to DX12, and a dev mode replay system.”

Unfortunately, though, this DX12 Beta seems to perform worse than DX11. YouTubers have already shared some comparison videos between these two APIs that you can find below. And it appears that DX11 runs better, even on high-end PC systems.

It will be interesting to see whether Asobo will be able to improve the performance in DX12. After all, the game originally had major performance issues in DX11 that Asobo has managed to resolve. It will also be interesting to see when – and if – the team will implement and Ray Tracing effects.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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