Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-3

Starfield gets a new mod aiming to improve the behavior of NPCs

Modder ‘nexstephen’ has released a new mod for Bethesda’s RPG, Starfield. This mod is all about making the game’s non-player characters (NPCs) behave better. With this mod, you won’t have all the NPCs giving you creepy stares with their weird eyes.

The modder explained that this mod is based loosely on the Realistic Conversations Mod for Fallout 4. This mod does a bunch of cool things. For starters, NPCs won’t stare at you or shout from far away, they won’t cut you off mid-sentence, and they won’t make comments about what you’re up to. Plus, they’ll be more emotional, blink less often, chat more with other NPCs, taunt you during fights, and, most importantly, act more like real people and less like flat characters in a video game.

In short, this is another must-have mod for Starfield that you can download from here.

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Have fun!