Return to Castle Wolfenstein feature

RealRTCW 5.0 Mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein adds new weapon animations, a freeroam hub location, checkpoint system, realistic ballistics and more

Modder ‘WolfETPlayer’ has released a brand new version of his amazing RealRTCW Mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein. According to its description, RealRTCW 5.0 adds new weapon animations, freeroam hub location, checkpoint system, realistic ballistics and more. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

In RealRTCW 5.0, the modder has reanimated 90% of the firearms from scratch. Some of them even got multiple reloading animations with empty/non-emtpy mag.

Another cool feature is a new freeroam hub location that players can explore. Now, between every chapter you will find yourself in Malta OSA Headquarters, where you can choose your loadout and dig yourself into the archives. You can also get to the HQ to receive intel, as well as visit the local museum.

And that’s not all. At the medical bay, you can get healed up, and you can speak with numerous NPCs around the city. Moreover, you can test new guns and run through the training course at the firing range. Finally, you can take some rest at your quarters, or you can hunt for side quests and secrets.

But wait, there is more. The modder has also implemented a checkpoint save system. Throughout the game, your progress will be now saved automatically. Thus, if you die, it will automatically load the latest checkpoint.

Finally, RTCW 5.0 brings some optional mutators that you can use. One of them adds realistic movement to the game, whereas another one adds realistic ballistics. With the Realistic Movement mutator, the game will gradually lower your movement speed, and reduce your jumping ability. Additionally, your character will holster his weapon when climbing a ladder or when sprinting.

The Realistic Ballistics mutator adds a range feature to every weapon. This means each gun will be effective within a specific distance. And, if you shoot beyond this distance, the gun will do less damage.

All in all, this seems to be an amazing mod. So, if you want to replay Return to Castle Wolfenstein, we suggest downloading and using it.

Below you can also find a video that showcases the new weapon animations.


RealRTCW 5.0 - Complete Weapon Showcase