Resident Evil Fan Short Film

Resident Evil just got a new cool fan short film that is based on the Keeper’s Diary

RESIDENCE of EVIL has shared a new cool fan short film that is based on the Keeper’s Diary of the first Resident Evil game. This short film is directed by Andrew Saullo, featuring Charlie Kraslavsky and Gracie Madsen.

For those unaware, the Keeper’s Diary is a file authored by an Umbrella researcher responsible for the Arklay Laboratory’s animals preparing for experimentation. This diary is notable for its intimate description of a T-virus infection written by someone actually undergoing the process, culminating in the chilling final words “itchy tasty”.

This is a cool short film that some RE fans may appreciate. Not only that but despite its low budget, it somehow manages to retain the atmosphere of Resident Evil. Guess Hollywood can learn one or two things from this team.

What’s also cool is that at the end of the film, the team hints at a Dino Crisis short film. To be honest, though, I can’t see how they will be able to deliver something like that. Unless, of course, they keep the dinos out of sight. This is obviously the cleverest way for a low-budget film to avoid bad CG. Still, this may disappoint a lot of DC fans.

Anyway, go ahead and watch the short film. As I said, it looks cool. Just don’t expect major fight/combat scenes, or anything like what you saw in RE5 or RE6.