Skyrim Special Edition new

New Skyrim HD Texture Packs overhaul all armors, actors & clutter

Modder ‘kartoffel’ released three HD Texture Packs for Skyrim Special Edition that overhaul all armors, actors and clutter. These packs come in two versions, with the highest versions of these three packs weighing around 14GB.

Do note that these packs are for the Special Edition of Skyrim, and not for the Original.

As the modder noted, SSEUT stands for Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures. Basically, the modder cleaned textures with an ESRGAN model, then upscaled them using an ESRGAN model, and compressed them to the most lossless format SSE will accept without “obliterating” your VRAM.

The end result, like pretty much all AI-enhanced mods, is HD Texture Packs that retain the game’s original aesthetics.

You can download SSEUT – Clutter from here, SSEUT – Armor from here, and SSEUT – Actors from here. Below you can also find some screenshots that showcase the overhauled textures.

Speaking of Skyrim Special Edition, you may be also interested in some other mods. For instance, this mod adds a new quest and lets you explore the entire Valenwood. Additionally, Wyrmstooth is an expansion-sized mod Skyrim Special Edition. This mod adds a non-combat animation system and this mod adds Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows.


SSEUT screenshots-1SSEUT screenshots-2SSEUT screenshots-3 SSEUT screenshots-4SSEUT screenshots-5