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New Dying Light 2 Mods improve dynamic weather, introduce Hardcore Mode, and more

A respectable number of new mods surfaced last week for Dying Light 2. As such, we’ve decided to choose the most interesting ones and share them with you.

The first mod is called Hardmod Redux and as its title implies, it introduces a Hardcore Mode to the game. Its first version adds more zombies to the game, and makes the more dangerous than before. Moreover, it introduces noise, stamina and resources management. Additionally, it allows you to repair your weapons or armors with charms, and tweaks the ranged damage system. You can download this Hardcore Mode from here.

The second mod aims to improve the game’s dynamic weather system. Proper Dynamic Weather adds 9 new random definitions, 23 new presets and tweaks weather conditions. Furthermore, it allows for random weather conditions after sleeping or loading the game, and introduces new random different weather triggers. You can download this mod from here.

The next mods are simpler, though we believe that some of you will find them interesting. For instance, this mod allows you to repair your gear with scrap. On the other hand, this mod removes the Stamina And Health requirements for your skills (you’ll still need points in order to upgrade them). And lastly, this mod allows you to play as volatile, viral, Aiden on steroids or banshee.

These mods should be compatible with some of the most we shared in our previous Dying Light 2 Mods article.

Have fun!