Dying Light 2 new feature

New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Mods improve dismemberment & parkour, add Nightmare Plus Difficulty

Modders released last week some new gameplay mods for Techland’s latest open-world zombie game, Dying Light 2. These mods improve the game’s dismemberment system, improve its parkour mechanics, and add a Nightmare Plus difficulty mode.

Going into more details, the dismemberment mod is a simple mod that some of you may find interesting. As its title implies, it tweaks the dismemberment system so that more limbs can fly apart. You can download it from here.

The second mod promises to improve the game’s parkour system, and make it more realistic. This mod adds realistic weight and momentum to the game which makes parkour and combat more challenging. Furthermore, the mod will not break your immersion with “floatness and crazy movesets.” You can download it from here.

Nightmare Plus is meant for hardcore players that like the challenge. This mod makes a lot of changes, so avoid it if you are not familiar with the game. Thanks to this mod, volatiles now spawn starting from level 1 chase. Moreover, there are now more Virals that are faster and there are more unpredictable. Survival Sense can now detect zombies and enemies within 1 meter radius. And lastly, zombies and other mobs hit you A LOT harder. You can download the mod from here.

Speaking of Dying Light 2, I also suggest taking a look at these mods. There are mods that improve dynamic weather, that allow you to repair your gear with scrap and remove the Stamina And Health requirements for your skills. There are also mods that improve draw distance, physics, FOV and more.

Have fun!