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Mass Effect Restored Light & Illumination Natively Mod available for download

Catachrism has released a must-have mod for the PC version of the first Mass Effect game. Mass Effect Restored Light & Illumination Natively (MERLIN) is a mod that aims to restore dynamic lights and post-processing effects from the X360 version.

In case you weren’t aware of, the PC version of Mass Effect lacked a number of effects that were present in the X360 version. Thus, this mod aims to restores as much of those effects as possible. Moreover, it corrects other things that were broken in the PC port (as well as some things that were broken in all releases of Mass Effect).

It’s also worth noting that MERLIN fixes some mesh LOD issues like the Marines on the Normandy, Dr. Chakwas in conversation, and Lorik Qui’ins eyes. Not only that, but it provides options for more optional mods like high poly romance bodies, Tali visor distortion removal, and Ash armor consistency project.

In order to showcase the graphical improvements, the modder released the following comparison video.

You can download Mass Effect Restored Light & Illumination Natively from here.

Speaking of Mass Effect, we also suggest downloading A Lot Of Textures (ALOT). ALOT is one of the best visual upgrades of the Mass Effect trilogy. This mod comes with over 20,000 high-resolution textures and 40GB across all 3 ME games.

Kudos to our reader s_fnx for bringing this to our attention.

Have fun!

MERLIN Before & After Comparisons