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New ALOT mod for Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 improves 14000 textures in total, brings new 4K textures

Modder ‘CreeperLava’ has released a brand new version of his ALOT Texture Pack for the first three Mass Effect games. According to the modder, the new version of ALOT packs a completely new, massive overhaul of the game’s static lighting textures.

Moreover, this new version of ALOT improves the game’s pre-rendered lights and shadows (lamps, shadows under objects, and more). Furthermore, it improves 14,000 textures in total across all 3 games of the trilogy.

The modder has also added new 4K textures for all of Shepard’s N7 armors in ME2 and ME3. He also added 4K textures for the squad selection screen and the sky. Not only that, but there are 200 high quality environment textures.

It’s also worth noting that ALOT Version 2020.10.0 comes with high resolution textures for facial hair (beards, eyebrows). It also improves the Galaxy map texture, the Omega holograms, and Liara’s alternate outfit.

In order to showcase these visual enhancements, the modder released a video that you can find below.

You can download the latest version of ALOT for Mass Effect from here, for Mass Effect 2 from here, and for Mass Effect 3 from here.

Have fun!

Mass Effect Trilogy Graphical Overhaul Mod - A Lot Of Textures (ALOT) - Comparison