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Half Life Alyx No VR Mod looks better than ever in this latest update video

Modder ‘SoMNst’ has released a new update video for a new VR Mod for Half-Life Alyx. As the title suggests, this mod will let you experience Half-Life: Alyx on non-VR devices, featuring full support for keyboard and mouse.

In this latest video, the modder showcases a new Viewmodel and some new animations. Moreover, the game now features a Camera “viewpunch“. Player speed has been fixed when player is ducked, and the player now moves slower when using ADS. Additionally, the zombies are now running instead of walking. This adjustment aims to make the game a bit more challenging. Headcrabs are also more aggressive.

As you will see in the video, this non-VR Mod is way more advanced and better than the initial non-VR mod we shared. In fact, the game starts feeling like a classic non-VR FPS now.

Unfortunately, the mod is currently in an early stage and there is no way to download it. The modder plans to release a pre-alpha version to his Patreon members. Once it’s fully playable, though, he will release a public version.

Speaking of Half-Life Alyx, VR owners may also find these mods interesting. There is a Silent Hills PT Remake Mod, as well as a Bioshock Remake Mod. Modders are also working on a Goldeneye 007 Mod, and there is a WIP demo for a Jurassic Park Trespasser Mod.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Half Life Alyx - No Vr Mod - Progress Update #5