Half Life Alyx screenshots-9

This new non-VR mod turns Half-Life Alyx into a traditional/classic first-person shooter

Back in April, we shared a mod for Half-Life that aimed to make the game playable wihtout a VR headset. That mod attempted to emulate all the features that Valve implemented in this VR game. As a result of that, the non-VR version felt a bit weird. However, we now have a new non-VR mod that actually turns Half-Life: Alyx into a proper and classic first-person shooter.

Contrary to the previous non-VR mod, this new one features all the classic weapons from Half-Life 2. Moreover, it disables some mechanics that were present in the VR version. For instance, you cannot teleport anymore. You also cannot grab ammo via telekinesis.

To be honest, this is the perfect mod via which you can experience Half-Life Alyx without a VR headset. While it disables some gameplay mechanics, it finally allows you to play the game as a traditional non-VR first-person shooter. Movement is also smooth, and the head movement is similar to Half-Life 2. Additionally, players can still interact with the environment, and grab items (the same way they could in Half-Life 2).

In short, this mod turns Half-Life Alyx into a proper non-VR Half-Life game. Therefore, and if you want to experience the game’s story, we suggest using this one.

Now whether these classic gameplay mechanics turn the game into a generic FPS… well… that’s up to you to decide. The point is that you can now fully experience Half-Life Alyx, with proper non-VR controls and mechanics. And… well… that’s exactly what most non-VR fans were looking forward to.

You can download this non-VR mod for Half-Life Alyx from here. Below you can also find a video showcasing this mod in action.