Elden Ring Nude Mod

First Nude Mod released for Elden Ring

And it was bound to happen. It’s been two weeks since the release of Elden Ring and the first nude mods have appeared online. These first nude mods are for the female characters, though I’m sure we’ll get soon a similar mod for male characters.

Going into more details, the first mod comes from NexusMods’ member Sakura4. You can find the mod on NexusMods. Once you download it, you can install it by replacing the files in the ‘ELDEN RING\Game\parts’ with the files in the mod_files folder.

The second mod comes from LoversLab’s member jmedia7. I don’t know whether these mods are identical. However, and from screenshots, this nude mod looks better than the previous one. As such, I suggest downloading this one (you can google it).

Speaking of Elden Ring mods, we also suggest downloading the following ones. Flawless Ultrawide enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. There is also an unofficial Photo Mode. Furthermore, this mod will unlock the game’s framerate. And lastly, there is a mod that disables the automatic camera re-centering.

As always, we won’t allow direct links to these mods. Still, we’ve provided you with enough information so that you can get them. And make sure to run the game in offline mode otherwise you may get banned for using them!