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Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux Mod is a must-have for Ubisoft’s classic FPS

Modders ‘BigTinz’, ‘Boggalog’, ‘FoxAhead’ and ‘Scubrah’ have released a must-have mod for Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux is a crossover of the Realism+ and Redux mods, packing some of the best features of both to provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux boosts the game’s saturation to bring out some lively color. On top of that, the game’s overall graphics are pushed as far as the engine will allow, with improved draw distance, LOD values and shadows. Furthermore, the project comes with new textures (both AI-enhanced and new/custom ones).

Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux also brings major gameplay improvements. For instance, enemies will now respawn in outposts once half an hour has passed (and not immediately). Moreover, the mod gives an overall boost to player and enemy damage, which immediately makes combat deadlier and more impactful. As such, enemies now feel less bullet-spongy.

You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

Far Cry 2 - No More Annoying Outposts