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Dark Souls 2 Lighting Engine V_9_3_5 Mod is now available for download, with support for both NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 and AMD FSR 2.2.1

Modder ‘Ganaboy’ has released a new version of the Dark Souls 2 Lighting Engine Mod. This update adds support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. These will make the game’s graphics look better, especially with DLSS, and will also help it run more smoothly on PCs.

Going into more details, DS2 Lighting Engine V_9_3_5 adds support for NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 and AMD FSR 2.2.1. Both of these upscaling techniques also have access to motion vectors. As such, they should have minimal visual artifacts in motion.

Earlier this month, the modder shared a comparison video between the game’s native TAA and DLAA. DLAA manages to provide a better image quality than TAA. So, if you own an NVIDIA RTX GPU, we highly recommend using it.

Do note that the mod only adds support for the NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR Super Resolution tech. It does not bring support for Frame Generation. So, don’t expect such a thing from it.

For those unaware, DS2LightingEngine is one of the best graphical mods for Dark Souls 2. This mod enables modern effects like Volumetric Fog, High Quality Ambient Occlusion using GTAO and Adaptive Tessellation. Not only that, but it allows many light sources to cast shadows. Players can also enjoy a new Distant Geometry system, as well as improved material rendering for metals/non-metals. The mod also allows placing new meshes and texture overriding and has an improved postprocessor.

As said, this is a must-have mod for Dark Souls 2. So, don’t sleep on it. You can download it from this link. And now, let’s hope that someone will mod DLSS and FSR to both Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3.

Speaking of Dark Souls 2, you may also be interested in these other mods for it. The First Sin InfiniDetail is a mod that aims to eliminate texture LOD pop-in. It will also greatly increase the game’s draw distance. Then we have the Scholar of the Second Sin Visual Overhaul Mod. This mod is based on the DS2LightingEngine Mod. As such, you should only use one of them. Also, Scholar of the Second Sin Visual Overhaul Mod does NOT currently support DLSS or FSR. Its creator has also shared an HD Texture Pack that upscales all of the game’s textures. Finally, if you are still playing the first/vanilla version of DS2 (and not its Scholar of the First Sin version), you can use this mod to overhaul its graphics.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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